How much is our wedding package?

8-hour packages are $2900. Additional hours may be purchased at a rate of $350 per hour.

What is included in a wedding package?

I will be at your event for a full 8 hours. Travel costs up to 200kms total is included. You will then receive a USB with all professionally edited high-res photos completely free of watermarks. You may print and share as you wish. Please contact me for pricing.

How many photos will we receive?

I do not guarantee a minimum number of images. I promise that each photo you receive will be professionally chosen and edited. On average an eight hour package produces 400-600 edited photos. Each photo will be in colour and black and white.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

I request a 30% non-refundable (there are no exemptions) retainer to reserve your desired date. The reminder is due on or before the wedding day.

Will images be available for viewing online?

A selection (40-60) of photos will be available on your private online photo gallery for one year.

Do you offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or advanced photoshop edits?

The types of edits I provide are as follows; minor blemishes, eye white brightening, teeth brightening, cropping for composition, lighting, saturation and minor retouching. I do not offer hair, makeup or body alterations.

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Yes, I have shot weddings that have been in buildings with little light and outdoors in the full sunshine. Not to mention the rainy day wedding!

Where are you based?

I am based in Belleville ON.

Do you sometimes book yourself for more than one event in a day?

I only book one wedding in a day, nothing else. That way if you decide last minute that you want me earlier or later it is not a problem.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?

Two pro Sony A7III Bodies – Sony Zeiss Lenses – 85mm 1.8 , 35mm 1.4 , 16-35mm, a flash kit and various Hassleblad lenses with my Mirrorless Kit. As a Sony professional services member I also have access to a range of lenses and equipment.

Do you retain the copyright for the photos?

Yes, I retain the copyright but you have permission to print and share at your will.

Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?

Yes, generally I reserve the right to use the photos for my portfolio and advertising.

Will we see you before our wedding day?

I am available to meet in person before you book me. We can meet over coffee or Skype/Facetime consultations are also available.

Will you be shooting the wedding?

Yes, you are hiring me to shoot your wedding, not another photographer working under Macpherson Images.

How flexible are you with the look and design of photos? There are some styles from some other photographers that I have seen and liked and wondered if you can shoot like them?

I have worked hard to develop my own style as an artist over the last 15 years so I prefer not to copy another photographers style or editing technique. I have had some brides send me ideas from Pinterest but they are more of a guideline to work with. It is difficult to "copy" Pinterest as I need to work within a framework that is guided by budget, venue, weather and time allotment.

What extra back-up measures do you take?

I use backup cards on each camera, as well as bring multiple camera bodies and lenses should one fail.

How much time is allotted for the engagement photo shoot?

Generally, about an hour and a half, two if needed. I like to shoot when the light is nice, either earlier or later in the day.

Do you work with a second shooter?

I do not work with a second shooter for a few reasons. I try to provide my couples with the most value possible. I have yet to find that a second shooter is necessary. I have many couples who are shocked that I am able to grab all the angles without them being aware of my movement. One went so far as to refer to me as a ninja! (yes I told my daughter about that one) Lastly, I prefer to work on my own as I don't want to have any restrictions on the day.

Thank you for reading my FAQ! If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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